What is SiRop

SiRop is an evolution of an earlier r-process code (r-Java) which was developed specifically to perform sensitivity studies. In other words, we wanted a program that we could use to run automated or “script-like” execution of code. This involved a complete rework of the user interface an addition of code to perform automated queueing, execution and analysis of r-process simulations


How to get SiRop

SiRop is actively being developed and is not yet ready for general use. Please check back often for updates.

Reference Documents


Help getting started has never been so easy...

Coming Soon...


We have tried to make SirOp as user friendly as possible, but if you need help running the code, have questions about how it works or would like to see features added please contact us!

Contact Details

  • rouyed@ucalgary.ca
  • Quark Nova Project
    Department of Physics and Astronomy
    University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada